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Tailored software solutions

Embrace the Digital Future with Our Tailored Software Solutions. We’re more than developers, we’re creators of cloud and mobile digital experiences designed specifically for your success. From enhancing your online presence to increasing business productivity, our team of experts puts cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. Trust us to transform your ideas into digital realities and to guide you towards a future where innovation is synonymous with business growth. Choose tailor-made, choose digital excellence.

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SEO consultancy

Improve your online visibility with our SEO consultancy and content marketing strategies. It’s not just about ranking higher on search engines, but about creating an impactful and long-lasting digital presence. Our advanced SEO consultancy not only optimizes your site for relevant keywords, but also integrates content marketing strategies that capture the attention of your audience. Engaging and informative content not only satisfies search engine algorithms, but establishes a real connection with your audience. With us, content marketing is not just a component, but the key element in your SEO strategy, driving traffic and building a strong and lasting digital identity for your brand.

Brand positioning

Affirm Your Online Presence with Our Brand Positioning Service. Go beyond simple search engine visibility and become a Google-recognized entity with your customized Knowledge Panel. Our in-depth SEO consultancy focuses not only on ranking in search results, but on optimizing your digital presence to ensure customers find reliable, cohesive information when they search for your brand. We eliminate conflicting results or unwanted social pages from the top results, thus building a strong and reliable online reputation. Your Knowledge Panel becomes your digital business card, improving your credibility and increasing conversions. Trust us to shape an online presence that reflects your excellence and translates into tangible success.

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Editorial services on portals all over the world

Maximize the Visibility of Your Business with Our Multi-Sector Coverage. Through our dedicated portals, we reach a large and diverse audience in sectors such as food, technology, work, health and the vibrant city of Naples. We offer unparalleled exposure for your events and services through SEO-optimized articles, ensuring a high-impact online presence. We write on portals in all languages ​​of the world to improve your link building.

Our in-depth knowledge of SEO strategies translates into optimal visibility in search engines, positioning you prominently in front of your target audience. Leverage the power of our network to promote your brand effectively and pervasively, directing attention and generating lasting interest in your events and services

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Explore the Vast Potential of Artificial Intelligence with Our Specialist Training. We offer not only in-depth knowledge on using AI, but also expert advice on building your own custom GPT-4 chat engine. Navigate the age of innovation with confidence by gaining advanced skills through our training program. Our consultancy will guide you in setting up a bespoke chat engine, tailored to your specific needs. Transform your digital interaction and take full advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence to achieve more ambitious goals. Choose the training that will shape the digital future of your business.

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Marco Ilardi: Visionary and Technological Leader

Driving Innovation with Passion and Precision.
Trust Micropedia, where technology meets leadership.
Marco Ilardi, founder and CEO, leads our team with years of experience and a clear vision. Our technology reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation, bringing tangible value to your digital world.
With Micropedia, you are in the hands of an expert who believes in continuous evolution.
Your trust is our drive to reach new heights in quality and efficiency.

We are here to shape the digital future together with you.